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My idea for creating The Life Story Kit started over 15 years ago, when I decided that I needed to capture the life stories of my parents.

Over the years I wrote down the questions I wanted to ask them and ideas on how to group the information. As my script developed I came up with other ideas for storing the information and different methods for capturing their stories. I finally created The Life Story Kit to take the “where do I start factor?” out of capturing a life story.DSC_1339

The Life Story Kit is the perfect way for people to quickly and easily record their information without having to waste valuable time thinking about what to write. It allows an individual to cover as much information about their life as possible in a short time.

I am passionate about sharing my idea, so every person can capture their history to pass on to future generations. I hope you too can see the value in The Life Story Kit and choose to use it before your valuable information or that of a loved one is lost forever. Warm wishes

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